Spawn a private jet, add music, fly your team around the globe!


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Hello Superhuman!

Here’s what’s new in version 1.5.5 available Sep 16, 2022. Remember to accept “Update Available” when hovering over Villa’s icon with your laser. If you don’t update you’ll encounter a message requiring you to when you start the app.

Sample over 35,000 soundtracks before you spawn them into your Metaverse!

Sample Music: This exciting feature is available for everyone on all music. To actually spawn, pull trigger on the soundtrack. If you want more than 120 free songs and don’t yet have an ES account, remember to use code villaconnect to realize your 30% discount.

How to sample music on Villa Tutorial

Details: Press and hold the A or X button > Spawn! > Music, then browse or search by keyword. When you hover over a soundtrack, an animation plays while retrieving the music to sample. A % bar appears to indicate what portion of the soundtrack you’re in. To hop around, click the soundbar. To spawn music into your Metaverse, click the soundtrack’s main tile. Already have an ES account? Head to your Villa web account at > App Integrations and connect it! Every soundtrack is fully licensed for both personal & commercial use. Metaverse building on roids? 🤩

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Attach objects to objects: In the last newsletter, we presented how to turn any object like jet, yacht, or pizza into flying or sailing vessels (more at A > Misc > Utilities). You can now attach music to your vessel so you can travel with it! We’ll be expanding this feature to all objects in the next push in a week or two, but for starts let’s focus on music: When you spawn a soundtrack whether from Spawn! or from your own library if you uploaded an MP3 to — you can now attach the music to your vessel!

How this works: press and hold the A or X button > Spawn! > Music (or Library) and spawn your music. Now aim laser at the speaker, snap pull your middle finger to grab, then drag it to your vessel (if you haven’t yet, be sure to add a Pilot or Captain’s Seat from Spawn! > Misc). Drag to your vessel until the music snaps in place, like a magnet. Remember to operate simply push your thumbstick into the Seat, once seated, pull your index fingers to pilot. Other people sharing your world? Don’t forget to press B or Y button > Huddle to bring everyone to your vessel as your passengers. Want to take this to another level? Do this over one of the digital twin cities in the Business Travel section, like Denver, CO. We LOVE spawning the double hot air balloon, placing a Pilot Seat on top, adding fun music, and taking our team on world tours 😍

Presence: All Villas now show how many current people are in them, and who’s inside. If a Villa is Public or if your Galactica parcel is made Visitable under mod settings, users will be able to find your Villa and explore it. If you kept your Villa or Parcel private, only people in your org will be able to see who’s in there.

How this works: Tiles show a red number for who’s currently in that Villa or Galactica Parcel. Click in to see on the right panel current users. You can also turn your watch face to see how many people are sharing the Villa with you, the time, date, and some savings versus IRL meetings (keep turning watch face to reveal the mini menu!). Remember that by default all Villas and Parcels are private, unless they’re made Public (requires approval) or Visitable (for Galatica parcels, doesn’t require approval), accessible from mod settings by clicking A or X > Menu > look to the left panel of the Villa you’re in. In Private Villas or Parcels you’ll additionally see who in your org bookmarked or got added to that Villa by an Admin, in the same way that you’d expect from a Discord or Teams channel. To bookmark a private Villa in your org, do so from the upper right of the Villa’s tile.

Come meet us in person on Happy Hour Fridays at 5pm PT (more below). We’re a team of Metaverse enthusiasts that believe our future in digital 3D will increasingly drive meaningful interactions, productivity, creativity and prosperity in a creator first economy, while reducing humanity’s footprint IRL. Of course we still love the physical world, and encourage everyone here to continue enjoying the outdoors and socializing IRL. But when it comes to digital consumption and leveraging superpowers, the Metaverse is an exceptional paradigm shift.

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See you in the Metaverse!