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Villa meetings are far more powerful and productive than IRL and videoconferencing combined. Using GenAI - within minutes create thrilling Virtual Worlds and share them privately in your org, or publicly.

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Generative Artificial Intelligence DIY Virtual Worlds

Villa is a VR platform for team collaboration in thrilling immersive environments. Choose built worlds or create your own! For teams up to 100 simultaneous members per villa, and thousands when you broadcast for large events and conferences. Villas interconnect for company-wide users, from engineering, through product, finance, C-Suite and Board professionals. Easily launch exhibits, conferences, meetups, happy hours, and standups. And with the new Zoom integration - connect your teams seamlessly whether they have VR or not.

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It's 2030! JK but it feels that way on Villa ;)

Examples are Happy Hours, standups, roadmapping, 1:1s, private client meetings, offsites, board meetings, and company conferences in places like a coastal villa in Spiaggia, Sicily, the Dolomite Alps, a French Riviera vineyard, and an infinite variety of places you create yourself. Select. Save. Done. No need to code. Scan and upload your office from your phone. Or choose from endless repositories we provide.

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Watch as team morale and productivity go up, culture gets stronger, and burnout eviscerates while in Remote! Dress your villas with beautiful art and keep everyone awestruck and engaged

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"Villa enhanced our creativity and ability to brainstorm with presence"

Dir of Strategy, AWS

Villa = like Discord Channel + Zoom in 3D

Villa is a creativity-driven collaborative virtual meeting environment giving tech professionals superpowers in VR

Eviscerate Burnout and Strengthen Culture

Villa is the answer to ‘Zoom fatigue’ by putting you in thrilling immersive meeting experiences, giving you the tools to interact, co-invent and even play. Just like IRL, only with flying.

Perks - Better than IRL!

Now that professionals have been sent home, capital previously tied to real estate, food, and perks, is freed up for virtual experiences that make remote work fun, productive, and rewarding

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"I was able to have a private 1:1 with my report, and it was an effective and powerful experience for us"

CSO at Sisense

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