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8/3/2021 introduces Villa - Immersive Team Collaboration Platform - The real future of work isn't just virtual -- it's virtual reality

MENLO PARK, Calif., Aug. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Virtual Reality -- COVID-19 suddenly made remote work the "new normal" for millions of businesses. And there's no going back: According to FlexJobs, two-thirds of surveyed employees want to continue working remotely. So, how do you foster a sense of culture, productivity, and engagement among distributed teams?

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Villa's immersive collaboration in VR as HRTech, on Recruiting Daily

Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 108. This week we have storytelling about Villa with Ofer Baharav. During this episode, Ofer and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Villa. Ofer is an expert in all things virtual reality and product innovation and management. His passion for creating immersive team collaboration in virtual reality really comes through during the podcast. Give the show a listen and please let me know what you think.


Villa, immersive collaboration in VR platform, trailer: #Oculus #Quest #SaaS #VR

We are thrilled to have launched 😮 Villa - immersive team collaboration platform to the Facebook #Oculus Quest Store today. As workforces around the world come to expect experiences that are far more powerful than IRL meetings, here's a refreshing, fun, and inspiring way to meet while working and enjoying all at the same time.

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Upcoming panel on #AI ✨ and its impact on the #futureofsaas 🌄 and the future of work in virtual reality for Villa - immersive team collaboration

Getting ready for the upcoming panel on #AI ✨ and its impact on the #futureofsaas 🌄 and the future of work in virtual reality for Villa - immersive team collaboration this Tue May 11 at 9am pacific. We'll be joined by a great lineup that includes Piyush Chandra Mary Poppen Kamal Ahluwalia and brought to you by Gemma Davies of Future of SaaS #virtualreality #SaaS #artificialintelligence RealVR / Villa

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Why Tech Employers Should Stop Buying Toilet Paper

2020 was a watershed year for knowledge workers worldwide. Driven by survival and necessity, tech that was with us for decades like videoconferencing suddenly mainstreamed to the point that even the Late Majority started using it properly by staring at the front camera...

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Future of SaaS Festival

Mark your calendar to join Ofer's conversation about the future of SaaS and AI on


VR Team Collaboration Platform, future of SaaS: #futureofwork #VR #AI

Buckle up, reality just leaped to 2030 on Villa This is all yours! Enterprise SaaS will never be the same Get your teams on to the future of team collaboration and join the fun. VR collaboration for professionals will never be the same.


Massive leap for enterprise SaaS 💫 over RealVR / Villa: #futureofwork #VR #AI

Massive leap for enterprise SaaS 💫 over Villa - immersive team collaboraiton platform in VR!. A creativity immersive team collaboration platform where you're the magician! Mold your world in any way you want. Search, find, and modulate it. #futureofwork #VR #AI

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Ilan Kasan at by Product Nation

We chat with Ilan Kasan about hybrid office work, then how handles touch points from early customer interest through to an enterprise purchase, essentially replacing SDRs with AI. Lots of gems from this seasoned entrepreneur. Towards the end a surprise startup is birthed in less than a minute.


#innovation #vrexperience #techinnovation

Recently chatted with CEO Ofer Baharav in "Villa"... check out the excerpt below...

1. AMAZING VR experience, recorded in the Dolomites (Northern Italy) 2. Revolution brought about due to the pandemic, WFH is NOT going away 3. Instead of going back to 2019, corporates need to find a better way - introduce better tools than Zoom, Meet, etc. 4. Bring in unique, immersive, relaxing experiences to work place.


#leadership #VR #postcorona

Message of hope for a digitally accelerated post-Corona world on a VRCast (VR Podcast) over RealVR / Villa hosted by Veena Mistry - Success Coach, founder, Founder of Wibmo

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Episode 1 of the Results Mastery Coach VRCast (VR Podcast)

Veena Mistry is the founder of a fintech company Wibmo that sold for millions and today she works as an executive coach and offers her practice over Villa. She started a VRCast (VR Villa Podcast), and here's her first one, interviewing Ofer Baharav, founder at RealVR/Villa - this takes place fully over Villa, where Ofer speaks about controversial issues revolving around the #futureofwork


#virtualreality #oculusquest2 #productmanagement

Villa is a creativity platform, where meetings + work blend into pure engagement bliss and #fun. #FOMO? Reach out to get onboarded.


#futureofwork problems

When your digitally accelerated team throws a beer at you and steals your cigar in #virtualreality

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Villa Reimagines the Future of Work

ok - what a week this has been... First, we at Sisense introduced to the world Sisense Fusion, our analytics foundation to transform businesses...

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Dluya the Chicken & Villa

When I was 5 in Tivon, Israel, my father, a PhD in zoology, built a chicken coop for my sister and me in the backyard, along with a tray…

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Villa Reimagines the Future of Work

Meeting Ofer Baharav daily at the company villa is my new routine. Sometimes we step outside to walk by the pool or even head to the beach to play baseball.

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'"I lost my concept of time - 15 minute standup turned into an hour of fun. Please add wrist watches so we can keep tab of time in there, it's too much fun!"'

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