February ’24 on Villa: Explore the Frontier of AI-Powered Virtual Reality

Greetings, Pioneers of VR! Welcome to February 2024, a month brimming with exciting updates and opportunities for growth on Villa. AI: The Heartbeat of Villa AI now seamlessly integrates into every corner of Villa, enhancing your virtual experience with the ease of dictation. Whether you’re conjuring worlds from thin air, creating stunning AI Art, or…


Welcome to the Future: Villa’s Conversation AI Transforms Virtual Interaction!

Dive into the future of virtual interaction with Villa’s latest feature – Conversation AI! Now, you can custom-design AI-driven conversations to welcome and guide visitors in your virtual worlds. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your virtual meetings, a gamer creating an immersive experience, or an educator shaping a unique learning environment, our Conversation AI is your tool for deeper engagement.


Villa’s new AI led learning for individuals or teams + 2023 Holiday Season 50% off SALE

Greetings Villa fan, First off, Happy Holidays! Find both of these under Shop in-app. We’ve been jam packing AI upgrades to Villa over the past few months. Whether a power user or if you haven’t tried Villa yet or in a while: Watch: New Villa trailer featuring the latest in cutting edge AI x VR…


Villa’s Virtual Travel in VR – Up to the top of Mt Whitney – Come try this!

Hi Villa fan! Go check out Villa’s new Virtual Travel section. It’s extremely powerful. And you can go in our footsteps in VR. Simply dictate and search ‘Mount Whitney portal’, and go up the trail to the peak. Or if you’re not sure where the peak is, dictate to search for Mount Whitney Peak, and…


As good as it gets: Plan your bucket list travels on Villa

Drop everything and come check out trip planning on Villa’s new Virtual Travel section TL;DR: Watch this: If you have a few more minutes, here’s step by step planning of Mt Whitney, where we’re headed this weekend (highest peak in the contiguous US): Full trip planning in VR on Villa: PS: Friends or coworkers don’t…


Virtual Travel on Villa just got an upgrade covering all of Earth – travel in multiplayer or alone!

If you love traveling the world to real places, you’re going to love Villa’s new Virtual Travel release for Meta Quest which went live on Aug 22, 2023. Here’s what planning a ski trip to Zermatt Switzerland ended up like – TL;DR: we ended up on Mount Matterhorn! Virtual Travel on Villa can be used…


Villa’s New GenAI Assistant + Zoom Integration To Include Non VR Users In Villa Meetings

Hello Villa Subscriber! We’re so excited to have officially launched Villa’s GenAI Assistant. This has been in the works for months, first watch this YouTube: Here are the highlights: Please watch this video to learn about Villa’s Zoom Meeting integration: Meetings will never be the same. Here are the benefits: Download Villa on Meta Quest…


Build your metaverse in < 10 min using AI on Villa

Hello Villa Superhuman! Now you can build Metaverses in < 10 minutes. Watch how: Building worlds on Villa is easy, fast, but most importantly – fun. Once you build a world, you can publish it and host up to thousands simultaneously in VR. In this post we’ll show you step by step how. Come experience…


Generative AI Art & Host a meetup or conference up to thousands simultaneously inVR over Villa! Jan 2023 update

Hello Villa Superhuman! Here’s what’s new in version 1.6.6 available since Jan 20, 2023. Remember to accept “Update Available” when hovering in VR over Villa’s icon with your laser before launching. If you don’t update you’ll encounter a message requiring you to when you start the app. Come play with Generative AI Art in VR:…


Build a luxury aircraft, add music, huddle friends and fly through exotic digital twins this weekend!

Howdy Superhuman! Here’s what’s new in version 1.5.9 available Oct 7, 2022. Remember to accept “Update Available” when hovering in VR over Villa’s icon with your laser. If you don’t update you’ll encounter a message requiring you to when you start the app. Attach objects to objects: Aim laser at an object, grab by snap…

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