Easy annual and multi year subscriptions. We work with all headsets but highly recommend Meta Quest for the best bang for buck experience. Per user fees range from free trial up to $30/mo depending on usage. Large company? Email us now at info@villa.rocks. Small team? Simply grab Villa from the Quest Store to get your free trial started.

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Villa is a better way to work in companies of all sizes:

Whether you're a startup or a big tech enterprise, we have a solution for you. Proptech solutions including ability to upload your office or visit real estate for 3D walkthroughs. NFT Gallerytech for displaying digital assets. Infinite worlds and tools to build them in a click.

We're Never going back to 2019

Now that professionals are given choice to work from wifi, capital previously tied to real estate, food, toilet paper, on prem perks, and commute - has been freed up for digital innovation. Besides substantial CapEx and OpEx savings, Villa cuts back on CO2 emissions. We surface these savings over the platform.

Ready for 2030!
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Eviscerate Burnout!

Villa is THE antidote for burnout and a way to build company culture digitally.

No more burnout!
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"You make videoconferencing seem like a fax machine!"

Angel investor and TPM, Facebook