February ’24 on Villa: Explore the Frontier of AI-Powered Virtual Reality


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Greetings, Pioneers of VR! Welcome to February 2024, a month brimming with exciting updates and opportunities for growth on Villa.

AI: The Heartbeat of Villa AI now seamlessly integrates into every corner of Villa, enhancing your virtual experience with the ease of dictation. Whether you’re conjuring worlds from thin air, creating stunning AI Art, or embarking on a journey of learning—from new languages to coding—our AI is your companion in exploration. Dive into some of the mesmerizing AI Art created on Villa and witness the magic of imagination.

Introducing Villa’s Conversation AI Watch the Tutorial: Transform Your Virtual Spaces with Ease:

Setting up your custom AI Conversations is as simple as:

  1. Accessing Your Free Villa Account: Start by logging into or creating your account at app.villa.rocks.
  2. Crafting Your AI Script: Navigate to the ‘Conversations’ feature and let your creativity flow.
  3. Bringing Your World to Life: Apply your personalized AI in Villa via A > Spawn > AI Assistant > Conversations. Whether it’s guiding visitors through your virtual domain or showcasing your Galactica world for sale, your AI host is ready to enchant.

Use Cases:

Envision welcoming guests with personalized greetings at your virtual corporate headquarters, facilitating dynamic tutorials within educational environments, or crafting compelling stories in gaming landscapes. Villa’s Conversation AI unlocks endless possibilities. Tailor your AI to meet specific objectives, ensuring every virtual interaction is impactful and memorable.

Embark on a journey to redefine virtual communication with Villa’s pioneering Conversation AI. This cutting-edge feature empowers you to design custom AI-driven conversations, revolutionizing the way visitors engage within your virtual spaces. Perfect for professionals aiming to elevate virtual events, gamers desiring more immersive experiences, or educators creating innovative educational settings, Conversation AI is your portal to enhancing virtual engagements.

February 2024 SALE:

It is not secret that you’ll need a subscription to create on Villa, and by far you’ll save the most with the Annual Pro Unlimited, so don’t wait, our current promo is at 33% OFF Monthly Unlimited. Additionally, if you’re new to Villa, we’ll load you up with credits – read below the details:

  • Annual Unlimited Subscription: Enjoy 33% savings and unlock nonstop AI interactions. Boost your professional and creative life with unlimited VR possibilities (everyone, new users and current or previous subscribers). Easily upgrade from Shop.
  • Receive 5000 Villa coins ($50 value) instantly (new users only)
  • $100 in AI Assistant credits + $33 in AI Art credits = $133 in total credits (first time subscribers only)
  • Plus an extra 750 coins ($9.99 value) for linking your web account at app.villa.rocks to your subscription. Everyone can get this bonus by following instructions on the Welcome screen. If you already have an Instant account, in VR go to Settings > Advanced > Logout and follow instructions on the right panel.
  • Plus 750 coins for your detailed review of Villa
  • Galactica Land Sale: 50% OFF is extended in February 2024. Buy, develop, and potentially earn by flipping virtual land. Easily use your coins to by or earn from the sale. Be sure your Galactica parcel turns out to a beautiful virtual world.
  • Connect and Expand: Invite friends to meet and travel in VR. No headset? No problem! Zoom them into the experience.

Get your Villa Annual Unlimited subscription and step into a year filled with innovation and immersive virtual experiences.

Don’t have a VR headset? You can now join Villa subscribers who have an account via Zoom! Ask them to show you how. It’s not immersive… but it’s the closest to 3D you can get without a device.

Villa HIGHLY recommends Quest 3 if you can get one. Quest 2 is awesome of course, but Quest 3 packs so much more CPU/GPU at higher resolution that everything pops vividly on Villa. Well done Meta on this priceless device.

AI Assistant: Engage in instant, nonstop hands-free AI conversations. Master over 30 languages, sharpen a variety of skills – including coding, and benefit from dedicated in-app support. Dictate effortlessly for lifelike AI interactions, with the option to easily top up whenever needed.

Villa Feature Highlights:

  • Customizable AI Assistant: Tailor the AI in your virtual worlds for both individual and group interactions. Requires opening a Villa account on app.villa.rock
  • Advanced Hands-Free AI Conversations: Customize AI tutorials, guides, and curriculums, for consumers, students, and enterprise users in your virtual worlds.
  • GenAI Art Multiplayer: Easily dictate to create magical AI art solo or collaboratively in VR. Share your artistic works beyond VR to enhance your social or professional presence- requires Villa account.
  • 3D Virtual Travel: Journey or fly anywhere on Earth and beyond, solo or with friends and groups. Experience enhanced 3D mesh ewith high-resolution 360° pano overlays.
  • Zoom Integration: Host or join VR Zoom videoconferencing, showcasing your VR worlds from multiple viewpoints. Share immersive experiences with non-VR users, ideal for inclusive business or leisure interactions. Requires Villa account.
  • AI-Driven World Building: Simply dictate to bring your creative dreams and fantasies to life in detailed 3D environments, all without the need for coding.
  • Customizable Villas and Virtual Worlds: Design unique spaces, from private meeting rooms to outdoor settings, enriched with an extensive library of 3D models, images, art, and music. Easily integrate your HQ or real-world scans for bespoke world building.
  • Galactica Game: Develop, publish, and host wondrous virtual worlds to display your creativity, or sell them to earn Villa coins. Use coins like cash for in-app purchases, including subscriptions. Ideal for creatives and pros. No coding needed!
  • Broadcasting Power: Host or join large VR events, complete with virtual stage and seating for panelists. Perfect for conferences, meetups, and various events in education, entertainment, or work, accommodating thousands of participants.
  • Music Integration: Choose from over 100 free soundtracks, or connect to Epidemic Sound’s 40,000+ tracks. Preview, spawn in 3D surround, and set the listening radius to fill your virtual worlds with dynamic music.
  • Dynamic Avatars & Supersonic Flight: Effortlessly switch between unlimited customizable, fullbody avatars with real-time dynamic streaks. Enjoy the thrill of supersonic flight in your virtual adventures. Villa account required.
  • In-App Browser: Utilize dictation for fast and efficient web searching and browsing, all within your VR environment.
  • YouTube Player: Enjoy videos and movies alone or with friends in VR. Attach to any Villa wall or location for an instant theater, with autoplay options for visitors.
  • Proptech Real Estate walkthroughs: Guide clients through immersive indoor and outdoor 3D tours with Zillo 360 and Google Earth integration. Ideal for realtors, company HQ visits, and more. Requires Villa Account.

Liking these amazing AI prompted images? Come produce some on Villa solo or in multiplayer. It’s so much more practical in VR than on the web.

In Villa, experience the wonder of creating AI art in multiplayer, where shared ideas become stunning visual masterpieces. Collaborate and watch as the AI seamlessly turns your collective visions into reality, blending creativity with cutting-edge technology. Each session is an adventure in artistic expression, bringing together minds and imagination in a spectacular display of digital artistry.

Final words for this update: We’re a team of AI in VR enthusiasts that believe our future in immersive 3D with leverage from AI, is increasingly driving meaningful interactions, productivity, creativity and prosperity in a first person creator economy, while reducing humanity’s footprint IRL.

Enterprise user? If you have more than 100 users who want to conduct standups, conferences, happy hours and AI team learning in places that are out of this world, and you’ve already piloted this with your team and are ready to scale, please email and chat with us, we can handle thousands of simultaneous users and have solutions for corporate conferences, events, and daily work or academic needs.

And remember: Saturdays at 9 am Pacific we host get together on Villa’s Public Events > Villa HQ

Until we meet again in VR, a heartfelt thank you to all our fellow AI and VR enthusiasts for your incredible passion and dedication. We love to hear from you so please, keep it coming in Reviews, Happy Hours, on our Discord https://discord.com/invite/vjkxT3vMTR and on IG https://www.instagram.com/villa.rocks/

PPS: If you haven’t done so yet, open app.villa.rocks on any browser and sign up for your free Villa account which gives you access to many more features on Villa at no extra cost. You’ll be beamed 750 coins ($9.99 value) as soon as you connect your web account to your Meta Quest device. If you’re already subscribed head to Villa in VR > Settings > Logout and follow directions on the Welcome screen’s right panel, or if you’re not yet subscribed simply launch Villa and follow directions on the right panel of the Welcome screen as soon as you arrive. You’ll see the blinking 5 digit code that you’ll need to enter into your account on app.villa.rocks

Keep it Villa Rockin’, Team Villa app.villa.rocks