Welcome to the Future: Villa’s Conversation AI Transforms Virtual Interaction!


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Dive into the future of virtual interaction with Villa’s latest feature – Conversation AI! Now, you can custom-design AI-driven conversations to welcome and guide visitors in your virtual worlds. Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your virtual meetings, a gamer creating an immersive experience, or an educator shaping a unique learning environment, our Conversation AI is your tool for deeper engagement.

Watch the Conversation AI Tutorial featuring the latest in cutting edge AI x VR tech:

AI is everywhere on Villa today. You probably noticed everything is dictation enabled. Want to build a world? Dictate your objects to spawn them! Want to create art? Dictate your imagination, and watch as magic ensues. Want to learn a new language or subject, or even how to code? Ask the AI!

Build your Villa AI Conversation

Easy Setup to Transform Your Virtual Spaces

Setting up your personalized AI Conversations is a breeze:

a. Create or log into your free Villa web account.

b. Use the ‘Conversations’ feature to craft your AI script.

c. Implement it in your Villa and watch as your AI host brings your world to life.

Versatile Applications for All Users

Imagine greeting visitors with a tailored message in your corporate virtual HQ, conducting interactive tutorials in educational Villas, or setting up engaging narratives in gaming worlds. With Villa’s Conversation AI, the possibilities are limitless. Customize your AI to fit your unique needs and make every virtual encounter memorable.

Type What the AI Says
  • SALE: Galactica parcels are selling for 50% OFF through Jan 2024. Once you buy land – it’s yours to develop and publish. You can also flip worlds by selling to others. It’s a great way to build virtual worlds with creativity, meet, and earn. Use coins to buy premium add-on features, subscriptions (when combined with Galactica parcels), and experiences by redeeming Villa coins you earn in app.
  • The Annual Unlimited subscription: 33% savings vs monthly, + get $50 in Villa coins + $133 worth of AI & AI Art credits. If you love AI * VR, buy annual in-app from Shop and have unlimited fun and productivity.
  • Don’t miss out! Invite friends and coworkers to Villa, meet and travel virtually. To do so, add them from your web account at app.villa.rocks using the email they used to sign up to Villa.

PS: colleagues don’t have VR yet? you can Zoom them into your VR experience using our Zoom video integration. In app press A > Spawn > Zoom.

Add a Backstory

Two great promos are currently underway:

  • 750 coins ($9.99 value) for opening an account on app.villa.rocks, and linking it in VR on the Welcome screen by following directions on the right panel. For users that are already on the Instant Accountless pllan, they can click in VR on Settings > Advanced > Logout to reach this screen and link their web account.
  • 750 coins for users that write a detailed experiential review of Villa, letting other users know of their experience with the platform.

PS: Villa also has an in-app virtual realty game called Galactica where users can buy parcels, develop them for personal or corporate use, or publish and even sell them, and earn Villa coins in exchange, which can then be redeemed for in app premium experiences and even subscriptions. This is great for creatives and users that want to earn for their creations.

We’re a team of AI in VR enthusiasts that believe our future in immersive 3D with leverage from AI, is increasingly driving meaningful interactions, productivity, creativity and prosperity in a first person creator economy, while reducing humanity’s footprint IRL.

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Team Villa